Example of a common medical malpractice case

We usually only hear about the medical malpractice cases that are so horrifying that they spread like wildfire across the news. The truth is that most medical malpractice lawsuits do not involve life-threatening injuries, but that does not mean that the injuries caused by the malpractice are easy for the victims to endure.

As an example, let’s take a look at a medical malpractice suit that was filed in New Orleans two months ago. Although you probably haven’t heard of this malpractice lawsuit, the injuries and financial costs suffered by the plaintiff have severely affected his life.

Delayed diagnosis causes police officer nerve damage

In a case filed in October 2016, a New Orleans police officer says that he received a delayed diagnosis regarding an ankle injury. Allegedly, the delayed diagnosis resulted in permanent nerve damage, from which he continues to suffer. The officer is seeking financial compensation from five doctors he says are responsible and liable for his damages.

Court documents indicate that the officer hurt his ankle in early 2013 while performing his job duties. Following the injury, the plaintiff went to a hospital emergency room for treatment. Two of the defendants attended to him at the emergency room, and he was discharged. After the pain continued, he later went to another medical facility. There, he was treated by two of the other defendants. Much later, the man was diagnosed with compartment syndrome. However, by this time, he had suffered nerve damage due to the delay in treatment.

All five of the defendants have been accused of medical malpractice. The injured police officer is asking for compensation from the doctors to pay for his medical expenses and other damages. However, at this time the amount of compensation remains unspecified.

Have you suffered damages because of medical malpractice?

Most instances of medical malpractice remain unnoticed because doctors are good at not bringing attention to them or dismissing them as if they were not their fault. In fact, it is virtually guaranteed that a medical malpractice victim will not receive compensation unless the victim – or his or her family members – take action by consulting with a personal injury lawyer. A lawyer can evaluate the facts surrounding the case and advise the potential plaintiff on his or her legal rights and options.

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