Man arrested on burglary charges five months later

A man from Lake Charles has been arrested and accused of robbing a pharmacy. The break-in happened nearly five months ago.

Police arrested the 20-year-old man at his home. In doing so, they cited blood and DNA evidence linking him to the crime.

According to the officers, the man smashed out a window to get into the pharmacy. While that did allow him to bypass the locks, he suffered lacerations on the broken glass. Blood was left at the crime scene. The police collected samples and used the DNA evidence to match the blood with the young man.

The pharmacy also had a security system. The alarm went off, summoning police to the scene. However, the suspect had fled by the time they got there. They watched the video feed from the pharmacy and could see the young man — though they had not yet identified him at that time — allegedly taking prescription medications.

After the blood samples were collected, they were sent over to the Southwest Louisiana Crime Lab, which then matched them using the Combined DNA Index System.

The man’s bond was put at $62,000 by the judge on the same day that the warrant for his arrest was signed. Officers then went to his home and made the arrest on the first day they had the warrant. The charges he’s facing are for burglary, criminal property damage, and theft under $750.

When facing accusations like this, in which DNA evidence has been used, it’s crucial for those who have been arrested to know that they still have legal defense options and they deserve a fair trial.

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