You can fight for compensation after a playground injury

Playgrounds are supposed to be safe, but accidents can happen. If a child falls and hits his or her head, there’s a potential for serious injuries to occur, just as there’s a potential for broken bones or other wounds. Around 200,000 children end up in emergency rooms every year because of playground accidents. Another 15 children die each year because of playground equipment accidents.

Maybe surprisingly, many of the playground fatalities that take place, 58 percent, are a result of strangulation. This is why it’s important to tuck in your child’s scarf or to purchase coats that do not use ties to hold up a hood.

Seventy-nine percent of playground injuries involve falls of some kinds. Falls also account for 90 percent of the most severe injuries. For example, falling from the top of a playset could result in a child breaking his neck or back. He could suffer a concussion or puncture his body on equipment below.

How can schools and parents help prevent these injuries? By making sure equipment is safe and age appropriate. Children under 5 should use smaller equipment under four feet tall, and equipment under eight feet tall is appropriate for children between the ages of 5 and 12. Children should never be unsupervised, and playground monitors or parents should be attentive to what children are doing at all times.

If your child is hurt at school or due to faulty playground equipment, you do have rights you can exercise in court. Your attorney can help you decide on the best method for seeking compensation. Our website has more information.

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