What can you do to show innocence after robbery charges?

If you’re accused of robbing a store or participating in a robbery of any kind, it’s important that you defend yourself right away. From the moment of the accusation, your life changes dramatically. Your reputation is on the line, and it’s vital that you protect it to avoid difficulties in your daily life until this issue is resolved.

You have several options when you defend yourself. If you’re innocent, that’s the best defense you can have. It’s a great idea to get in touch with alibis, or people who knew where you were at the time of the robbery, and make sure they will testify on your behalf. Keep any kind of documentation that shows where you were at the time, so you can show that the person who robbed a store simply wasn’t you.

You don’t have to convince the jury that you’re innocent, you just have to make them doubt that you’re guilty. That works in your favor. Even in a case where you did participate in a robbery, you can be found not guilty if you can make the jury doubt that you were involved or that you should be held responsible for the incident. For example, if you were intoxicated at the time but were that way because of being drugged by another person, you may be able to show that you had no control over your own behavior.

Another possible defense is duress. Imagine someone holding a family member hostage until you complete a robbery. That’s duress. It forces you to do something you otherwise wouldn’t do to protect yourself or someone else. It’s possible to prove duress, innocence and other factors that played a role in your arrest. Your attorney knows more about how to help protect you.

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