Paintball fights can lead to serious eye injuries

You and your friends couldn’t decide what you wanted to do, so you decided on heading to a paintballing course. Paintball games use air rifles to shoot small balls of paint at players. Usually, individuals wear protective gear on their heads, arms, legs and torsos. Some people choose only to wear protective glasses or no protection at all.

If you go to a facility offering a paintball game, it should always offer you the proper gear, especially eye protection. Getting hit in the eyes could lead to serious harm. If that happens as a result of a business’s negligence in providing you equipment, then you potentially have a personal injury case.

When no injuries occur, paintballing can be a lot of fun. You shoot at friends and see who’s a better sport. However, paintballing also has the potential to be dangerous. Paintball guns can lead to vision loss due to eye injuries if they impact the eye or burst before coming into contact with the eyes. Eye injuries occur more often in other sports, but because the air guns send a small, fast projectile into the eye when they hit, they cause more direct injuries.

Most people who go paintballing do wear safety gear including eye protection. Wearing goggles helps prevent paint or the paintball itself from hitting the eyes. Fortunately, wearing goggles helps prevent most cases of injuries to the eyes.

Between 2010 and 2013, there were close to 86,000 sports-related eye injuries. Air-gun and paintball guns led to 26 percent of all injuries involving vision loss. It’s not clear if that damage was permanent or temporary, but it does show just how dangerous paintballing without the right equipment can be.

Source: WebMD, “Paintball Causes Many Vision-Robbing Eye Injuries,” Randy Dotinga, accessed March 29, 2017

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