Youthful mistakes can result in a lifelong criminal record

The teen years and young adulthood are a time of learning and growth. For many people, the way that major life lessons develop is through mistakes. Most of the time, those mistakes and the consequences they bring are minor. In some cases, however, if you break the law and get caught, a youthful mistake can change your life. Whether you were doing something reckless in a vehicle, experimenting with drugs, trying your hand at graffiti art or breaking into someone’s house to play a prank, you could end up facing serious criminal charges that could haunt you for the rest of your life.

You may hope that the courts will show leniency if you are young and your crime was the result of a simple mistake. Sadly, many young people who assume they will receive light punishments learn that lesson the hard way, too. If you are facing criminal charges for any reason, you need to speak with an experienced Louisiana criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney can review the details of your situation and help you develop the best possible defense strategy for your case. Working with an experienced attorney is your best option if you are facing criminal charges.

Quality matters when it comes to criminal defense

You may have the right to an attorney if you can not afford one, but that doesn’t mean your public defender can actually help you. In many cases, these professionals have massive caseloads and not enough time. They may carry a major caseload and may not have much knowledge about the specific crime you’re charged with. All of that can result in less than optimal representation and even bad legal advice. Working with a private criminal defense attorney will offer you the best chance at a positive outcome when you’re young and facing criminal charges for any reason.

Any kind of criminal record can change your life. You shouldn’t get pressured into offering a guilty plea until you’ve explored all your options. Talk to an attorney about the plea and think carefully. A guilty plea or conviction can result in a criminal record that can keep you from finding housing, getting financial aid for college or securing a good job later in life.

Don’t face criminal charges alone

An experienced Louisiana criminal defense attorney can advocate on your behalf to the courts to see if there are other options, such as community service or substance abuse counseling, that will be better options for you. Your attorney can also attack evidence if it was gathered, stored or processed improperly. If it was, you may be able to have the courts exclude that evidence from consideration in your trial or in the process of having charges brought against you. You can explore whether your civil rights were violated and help use that in your defense if they were.

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