Drunk drivers are criminally and financially liable

When it comes to senseless and unnecessary death and injury, there is no greater culprit than drunk drivers in Louisiana. Simply put, drivers have numerous options available if they become too drunk to drive.

Drunk drivers can contact an affordable driver through ride-sharing apps like Uber. They can call a taxi. They can call a friend or relative. They can sleep at a friend’s house. Or, they can leave their cars where they are and sleep inside them until they’re sober enough to drive home.

Unfortunately, fatal drunk driving accident after fatal drunk driving accident proves that some Louisiana residents do not consider the safety of their fellow community members. One recent DUI arrest is another example of such a tragic incident.

59-year-old woman accused of being drunk in fatal December crash

Louisiana State Police recently arrested a woman in St. Tammany Parish. Allegedly the 59-year-old woman was intoxicated by alcohol or drugs when she struck and killed a motorcyclist last Dec. 29. Authorities took her into custody and charged her with vehicular homicide on June 20. As of July 7, she was still in the parish jail.

The crash happened at approximately 7 p.m. last December. The woman drove her vehicle directly into traffic, apparently without seeing a passing motorcyclist. Without enough time to react, the motorcyclist — who was driving home from work — broadsided her car. The force of the crash ejected the motorcyclist from his bike causing him catastrophic injuries that he did not survive.

The liability of drunk drivers after causing a fatal accident

Criminal law courts will hold Louisiana drunk drivers criminally accountable for the deaths and injuries they cause. When a court convicts a driver of DUI homicide, he or she will likely spend many years in jail for the offense. In addition, close family members of those killed by DUI drivers can hold the at-fault drivers financially liable for wrongful death damages. These damages may relate to lost family income, lost family relationship, lost future inheritance, medical costs, end of life expenses and more.

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