3 tips to avoid a DUI on Halloween

Halloween is coming up in just a few short weeks, and that means there’s lots to do and see. Many people have parties, and alcohol isn’t hard to come across. Even though it’s normal to drink at Halloween parties, there’s still a risk of suffering a DUI if you drink too much before driving.

Even if you go to a party and don’t drink, there’s a risk of drinks being spiked or having alcohol added when you thought the drink was nonalcoholic. What can you do to avoid a DUI on Halloween? Here are three tips.

  • Get a lift

The main way to prevent drinking and driving is to plan to get a ride home from someone else who isn’t drinking that night. For example, you can call a taxi, Uber or Lyft to get you home.

  • Don’t mix drinks and drugs

If you’re taking prescription medications for a cold, medical condition or other reason, it’s advisable not to drink. Alcohol affects many kinds of medications, making the effects more pronounced. Don’t risk being unable to drive or driving home inebriated. Check with your doctor or pharmacist to learn more about your medications and possible interactions with alcohol.

  • Keep track of your drinks

Some people find it hard to keep track of their drinking on Halloween, so here’s a helpful trick. Carry a pen, and draw a line for each beverage you have. That way, you can be sure of how much you’ve had to drink and how long you should wait before you get behind the wheel. If you aren’t sure if you’ve had too much, consider using a breathalyzer or getting a ride home from a friend.

These are a few tips to help prevent getting a DUI on Halloween. Staying away from the roads helps keep you and others safe.

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