How to stay safe on Halloween

Halloween is great for conjuring up images of goblins, ghouls and ghosts — but the real scares are actually much more mundane. Frankly, it’s easy to head out for a fun night trick-or-treating with the kids and wind up at the hospital instead if you aren’t extra careful.

Follow these tips in order to keep you and your little ones safe this Halloween.

Go easy with the carving knife

A lot of people wait until almost the last minute to carve their pumpkin so that it doesn’t start to rot or attract gnats before the big night — but rushing a carving job can end up with you rushing to the emergency room while you try to control the bleeding from your lacerated hand or thumb.

Severe injuries to hands and fingers due to pumpkin carving accidents are some of the most common reasons for hospital care during the season. Make sure that you use the right tools to carve your pumpkin or skip it and buy a ceramic jack-o-lantern instead.

Be careful with screen doors

Little fingers can end up getting broken very easily on Halloween if they get caught in a heavy screen door — especially if the homeowner has already taken out the summer screen and put the storm door in place. Homeowners should ideally greet the kids outside the door and have storm or screen doors propped open to prevent them from swinging closed. If they don’t, make sure that you go up to the door with your little ones so that you can handle the door while they handle the candy collection.

Watch where you’re walking

Stick to the sidewalks and skip the houses that have pathways cluttered with decorations. Those are disasters waiting to happen. Don’t let your kids anywhere near a house that has an open flame inside a jack-o-lantern — those are fire hazards you need to avoid. Stick to well-lit areas and avoid homes — even ones that are lit up — if you see a dog peeking out the door. Smart homeowners make sure their dogs are put away where they can’t get spooked and end up biting someone at the door.

If you or your child does end up injured on Halloween and you feel like a homeowner was at fault for some reason, a personal injury attorney can provide more information about your rights.

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